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Your electric bike from €5.55/month* with Deezer.

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*Subject to full payment of the 12-month subscription.​
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For Paris : €39/month
For Bordeaux :€15/month

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Reimbursement of €39/month via the Sustainable Mobility Package for Paris

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Reimbursement for Bordeaux employees :

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Reimbursement of €15/month via the Sustainable Mobility Package for Bordeaux

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Frequently asked questions

Oui tout à fait ! Que ce soit pour vos we, vos trajets domicile-travail ou pour le loisir, c'est votre vélo rien qu'à vous !

Of course ! It is your personnal bike, you can use it for your daily commute but also during week ends ! 
It's very simple: you pay for your subscription and Deezer reimburses you 50% at the end of each month, directly on your payslip.

Just send your invoice to your HR department and that's it !

Getting a puncture, dropping your bike... it happens. Even if we've reinforced the tyres and have a solid bike! 

Whatever happens, the Starbolt team is there to support you! 

All you have to do is fill in this form. Our technical team will contact you within 48 hours to arrange a day to get your Starbolt back on the road!

If you have unlimited maintenance, you won't have to pay anything, Starbolt will take care of everything!

If you don't have unlimited maintenance, our teams will send you a quote for approval, which will be added to your invoice. You can also go to the repair shop of your choice.

Please note that if the problem is related to a technical problem, independent of your use, Starbolt will be responsible (e.g. faulty battery).

With your subscription, you are systematically covered for theft and civil liability.

In the event of theft, here are the steps to follow : 

1- File a complaint at the police station to report your theft and receive a receipt.

2- Fill in this form with your complaint (essential !!)

3- You will then be charged an excess of 

145€ if the bike is stolen without its battery

500 if the bike is stolen with its battery.

4- Together, we'll organise the recovery of your new Starbolt!

In addition to your bike (it's better), you are automatically insured against theft and civil liability. A certified Starbolt lock is also included in the subscription. 

Finally, Starbolt assistance is available whenever you need it !

What is the "unlimited maintenance" option ?

The "unlimited maintenance" option allows you to call in a technician to repair or overhaul your bike whenever you want, at no extra charge. 

If you don't subscribe to this pack, you can always call in one of our technicians for a quick repair, but you will be billed for the service, just like a normal repair.  

Allow 3 weeks for our workshop to prepare your Starbolt! You can then have it delivered direct to you or collect it from one of our relay points !

Not at all ! As soon as the first year or the first 6 months have passed, your subscription continues on a monthly basis :)

 We're sorry about that :( 

Once your commitment period is over, all you have to do is send us an email and fill in this form.

You will then need to schedule a delivery or drop off your Starbolt at one of our pick-up points :)

How do I subscribe to Starbolt?

Enter your code
DEEZER_STARBOLT to take advantage of the €10/month discount

Pay for your bike 

online, on our secure website

Get your Starbolt back

Allow 3 weeks to prepare your Starbolt

Get your money back

For Paris : Get your money back from €39/month

For Bordeaux : Get your money back from €15/month

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