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Discover your french ebike for 40€/day.

Le vélo de vos salariés
Your bike rental includes : 

⚡️Your Starbolt ebike

In a Dutch, albeit French, style, it is suitable for all types of seating, so no more broken backs or strides !

🔓 A bike lock

With chain and code, it will protect you from theft!

As long as you hang it properly ;)

🛡 Included in the rental

 > Bike lock 
> Basket 
> Phone holder

💛 A direct hotline

The Starbolt team will always be there to support you and answer your questions!

eBike rental per day


Delivery at your hotel

eBike insurance (option)

starting from 


Go to the dedicated booking app

Book my ebike

Pay online

and sign you rental contract online. 

Pick-up your ebike at our adress.

21 place de la Madeline 75008, Paris. Parking -1.

Ride your days

Enjoy Paris by ebikes !

Bring it back !

at our adress  Parking -1, 21 place de la Madeleine, 75008 Paris

How to pick-up my Starbolt

At our pick up point: 

Starbolt, Floor -1, Parking Madeleine-Tronchet, 21 Place de la Madeleine, 75008 Paris.

Opening hours : 

Monday to Friday : 9 am - 7 pm.

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To pick up your bike, visit our Madeleine hub at this address : 21 place de la Madeleine, 75008 Paris, located on level -1 of the Madeleine Tronchet car park.

How to get to Madeleine:

  • Metro lines 8, 12, 14

Ways to access our hub :

  1. Use the elevator if you have a bike.
  2. Take the stairs if you don’t have a bike.
  3. Drive to the Parking -1 entrance.

Directions :

  1. Go to 21 place de la Madeleine, 75008 Paris.
  2. Use the lift or staircase on Rue Chauveau Lagarde to go down to Parking level -1.
  3. Turn right and follow the Starbolt signs.
  4. You’re here !

Before extending your rental, our team needs to confirm the availability of the bike. Please inform our team in advance to arrange for an extension.

If the bike is not available, you must return it by the time specified in your reservation. If you exceed the rental period, an additional charge will apply based on our pricing.

Please note: Failing to inform the Starbolt team about exceeding your rental period will result in an additional fee of €15 added to your total bill.

Depending on your insurance coverage:

  • With 50% theft insurance : You will need to reimburse €150.
  • With 100% theft insurance : Starbolt covers all costs; you won't have any additional fees.
  • Without insurance : You are responsible for reimbursing the full bike value, which is €2000.

When you rent your bike, a €2,000 security deposit (equal to the bike's purchase value) will be temporarily held for 7 days.

If the bike sustains damage, the deposit will cover the repair costs. Otherwise, it will be refunded to you.

An inspection will be conducted when you pick up and return the bike to ensure it's in good condition.

If you exceed the rental period, charges will apply based on the duration of the overrun.

Please note : An additional fee of €15 will be added to the total amount.

Price without surcharge :

  • Half-day: €30
  • 1 day: €40
  • 2 days: €80
  • 3 days: €120
  • 4 days: €160
  • 5 days: €200
  • 6 days: €240
  • 7 days: €280
  • 8 days: €320
  • 9 days: €360
  • 10 days: €400

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